Giving Voice

About Me!

My name is Julie Cota and I am Speech and Language Therapist. I graduated from Newcastle University in July 2011. 

I am actively involved in Giving Voice, a national campaign led by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists which aims to demonstrate how speech and language therapy makes a difference to people with speech, language and communication needs, their families, and the wider society.

I am passionate about Giving Voice and the SLT profession. I believe that everyone has the right to communicate and they should be able to have access to the support that they need to make this happen. Speech and Language Therapists help a wide variety of people so you never know when you or someone you love might need to access their help.

I  attended the Giving Voice Champions training (in Newcastle, 2011) and I am trying to spread the word about Giving Voice as much as possible in my local area. I hope to use this blog to spread the word a little bit further. Please share it with your friends and family - and don't forget to visit or 'like' the Facebook support page - Support Giving Voice Campaign (!/pages/Support-Giving-Voice-campaign-Stop-Speech-and-Language-Therapy-cuts/149772921750137)   

I attended the RCSLT Honours and Giving Voice Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 18th October 2011. I was delighted and proud to be part of the winning service team in England (North of Tyne Speech and Language Collaborative). I am overwhelmed to have won the 'Outstanding Contribution to Speech and Language Therapy' - I couldn't have done it without the continued support and encouragement from everyone around me so thanks (you all know who you are!).

Let's not forget what it's all about though - Speech and Language Therapy Transforms Lives!