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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Creeful of.. stickers

My first entry for August! (I know it’s only 4 days in!)
The August issue of A Creeful of Coals (local history publication edited by councillor Mike Kirkup) has a write up of my stall at Wansbeck Gala Day and some photos (as well a little bit of information about speech and language therapy and Giving Voice).  (photo of the piece, to follow).
I went to Beamish Open Air Museum with 3 family members yesterday and we were all wearing Giving Voice stickers. The sticker my uncle was wearing attracted attention from one person which led to a brief discussion of Giving Voice J We also bumped into some people we knew (and being as prepared as ever!) I provided each of them with a Giving Voice sticker and explained the campaign. If you haven’t already made some stickers of your own, why not give it a go – wear them when you are out and about and Give some Voice :D

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