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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tweets Galore and Jelly Mascots

I am delighted that so many people have retweeted my GNR blog entry! I’ve had more than 35 retweets of this entry and my page views have gone up a lot over the last week.
Retweets include:
TV: Nicola Wheeler (Nicola from Emmerdale – more than 18,000 followers)
Comedians – Lost Voice Guy, Emily Wood, Andrew Arrowsmith, Simon Donald, and Ian Gordon.
Radio: Koast radio and Simon Conway from metro (who said I might be on their news this week!)
I haven't listed everyone but thank you so much to each and every one of you who has taken the time to retweet and/or read my blog. It is very much appreciated.
I’m pleased that lots of people have said they will be looking out for me at the 11 mile mark and I’ve also managed to recruit some extra helpers on the day. I’m also very excited that I have Giving Voice t-shirts for us to wear. I ordered them from a local printing shop and picked them up last Friday! Only 3 days to go until the run!
You may remember that I wrote to Cadbury asking if they could support us at the Great North Run by donating some Jelly Babies or a mascot etc. I received a letter on Friday saying that they are unable to provide any sweets as they support lots of causes - but they did send two delightful cuddly Jelly Babies!  Thank you Cadbury – how cute are they! I love their little boots too – looks like they are ready to run!

Don’t forget to watch out for us on Sunday whether you are running or watching on TV (hopefully we’ll make an appearance in the background as the elite runners pass us!)
I was hoping to publish this post earlier in the week but the #RCSLTconference2012 in Manchester has kept me busy over the last few days.  I’ll blog more about that soon as it was a brilliant 2 days!!
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  1. Hi Julie,
    I have seen you have done loads with giving voice. This is all so inspiring. I am trying to get students involved with Giving voice at City University, I am entering 3rd year now.
    I was wondering if I could be really cheeky and ask for the t-shirts you had printed I am doing a stall on 26th September at the welcome fayre and am on a limited budget. I am happy to transfer money to you for postage and packaging and if you want them back I can get them back to you no problem.
    Please contact me