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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Just a quick update to say huge congratulations to all the winners at the RCSLT awards yesterday. It sounds like it was a fantastic day. I was extremely disappointed that the trains were cancelled so I was unable to get to London L I enjoyed following the days event on twitter (#rcsltawards) and hearing about all the inspirational SLTs.
On another note I’ve been tweeting my blog a lot recently and am delighted to say that 68 people have retweeted it to more than 100,000 followers! In addition to this the following people retweeted my blog: Sharon Hodgson MP (4793 followers), Gareth Gates (60496 follwers), Julie Etchingham ITV (19824 followers) and Michael Le vell (Kevin from corrie – 47328 followers). I appreciate every single retweet as it all helps to spread the message further that speech and language therapy transforms lives.
I’ll blog again soon about my day yesterday (even though it didn’t quite turn out as planned!)
Congratulations to all #rcsltawards winners once again!
~ so excited that my blog has exceeded 13,000 page views! Thanks for reading! ~

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