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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Giving Voice at the Great North Run

My brother-in-law is running in the Great North Run on Sunday and I am going along to support him. My sister lives in South Shields so we will be supporting near her house, around the 11 mile mark. I thought this would be a good opportunity to spread a little more Giving Voice awareness so I will be taking a large banner along with me. Also, my sister has been in the background on the TV coverage a few times over the years when the elite runners go past, so hopefully we can get the banner on TV! My sister and I will also be wearing T-shirts with the Giving Voice logo on.

I’m going to buy some oranges to cut into quarters to give out to the runners as they go past (just to be nice J)

I’ll be on the side lines all day and hopefully I can engage some other supporters in a Giving Voice conversation (before it starts etc).

If you are going to be supporting people at the GNR, why not take a banner, leaflets or wear a t-shirt (with GV logo, see previous blog entry) to try and spread the word a little further. If you aren’t going to the Great North Run, why not watch it on TV and see if you can spot us with the Giving Voice banner (you can let me know if I was successful!)

The Giving Voice banner might not make it to TV, but if nothing else, some more people will see the logo at the event itself. Good luck to everyone who’s running this year. Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed for a dry day!

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