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Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Simple Idea..

My first entry of the month! Where is the year going?! Just over 5 weeks left until Mass Mobilisation!
I thought I’d share a simple idea with you to inspire you to spread the Giving Voice message a little bit more J For the majority of the year I have had a Giving Voice leaflet or poster in the window of the front room of our house which looks out onto a main road. The latest leaflet was becoming sun damaged so I decided to put a new poster in the window today.  As I was putting the poster in the window, a group of people walked passed and were reading the poster, spreading the message a little bit further. The poster (printed by the North of Tyne Steering Group) is also readable from across the road J
Why not put a Giving Voice leaflet in your window. Try timing it for a busy time of day so people see you putting it there and look J Even if you don’t live on a busy street you could put one in your window anyway, even if it’s only the postman that sees it, that’s spreading the message one person further J

My Front room window

Giving Voice poster

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