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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Giving Voice, Oranges and Jelly Babies

On Sunday, I spent the day in South Shields supporting the 54,000 runners in the Great North Run.  We set up next to the 11 mile mark with a large Giving Voice banner, some Oranges and Jelly Babies. My sister and I were also wearing pink hoodies with a Giving Voice t-shirt over the top.
We had a large Giving Voice banner which was mounted onto some hardboard and a pole so that it would be visible on camera.
As the cameras came past with the elite runners I positioned the banner in view of the camera and my parents were sitting at home watching it on TV. The camera passed us  4 times and my parents report that on one of these occasions we made it to the TV J It was quite quick but a few of my family and friends text me to tell me they saw us with our banner J
As people were running past they were looking at the banner so it was potentially seen by all of the runners.
We gave out more than 100 oranges (cut into quarters) as well as 6 bags and 3 boxes of Jelly Babies (whilst wearing our Giving Voice t-shirts). Everyone was so grateful and it was so rewarding raising morale of the runners so far into the race J
All in all we had a fantastic day and got the Giving Voice logo (and message) out there to some more people. Even the rain didn’t put us off J

Me, my niece and Sister supporting the campaign

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