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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Grabbing Opportunities...

I was hoping to reach 5000 page views before my birthday this month, but as that was earlier in the week I wasn’t successful with this. Almost at 5000 now though so hopefully won’t be too long before I get there! I’m still thrilled that so many people seem to be reading my blog!
On Friday I went into Newcastle to go to the Northern Research Special Interest Group (SIG). I got the metro in, and was of course, wearing my Giving Voice badge. When I arrived at the SIG a fellow speech and language therapist said she noticed my badge on the metro. I’m glad it’s so noticeable and will continue to wear it in the hope that it will lead to more Giving Voice/Speech and Language Therapy conversations in the future.
As I was getting off the metro I spotted Lost Voice Guy so I stopped by and said hello. It was nice that he recognised me and I am pleased I stopped for a chat. I’m looking forward to seeing him perform again on June 11th, when he is supporting Patrick Monahan (winner of 'Show me the Funny') at Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle! :-)  

Check out their websites
The Research SIG was really interesting and it made me even more enthusiastic about the profession. I am currently working as a research assistant with Newcastle University and the SIG made me more excited about this current post.
I have been in touch with the Stroke Association about a couple of events they are having in the next few months. There’s a fun day at Saltwell Park in Gateshead next weekend and I am hoping to be able to go along with some leaflets. I spoke to someone last week and they said they will get in touch with me tomorrow, so hopefully it will be positive news. I heard about the event from a fax that my mam received at work and thought it would be a good opportunity to Give Voice. It’s worth keeping your eye out for such things as you never know what opportunities could be waiting to be used!
Hopefully I’ll have something else to report soon – please keep sharing my blog as Speech and Language Therapy Transforms Lives!

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