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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Pinkjules meets Lost Voice Guy

After talking to a colleague last week and learning that Lost Voice Guy was due to perform in Newcastle on Thursday night, I knew I had to go! Having read and heard a lot about him I was looking forward to seeing him on stage!
Here’s a little introduction, for those of you that have not heard of Lost Voice Guy (where have you been?!) Lee Ridley, aka Lost Voice Guy, is “(probably) the first stand up comedian to use a communication aid”. Lee has Cerebral Palsy and uses an aid for his communication.
I tweeted Lost Voice Guy on Thursday afternoon ahead of the gig on Thursday night and was rather excited when he replied telling me to enjoy my night and come and say hi if I wanted.
Lost Voice Guy was not the headline act, but he was the reason we went along to the Jazz Cafe on Thursday night. I was looking forward to meeting Lost Voice Guy and judging by the amount of attention he was getting he was certainly popular! Every time I thought I’d go and say hi, he was surrounded by people talking to him (particularly after his performance!) I did manage to get to speak to him at the end of the night though and was delighted he recognised me from my tweet! (I was wearing my Giving Voice badge at the gig, and I have a Giving Voice twibbon on my twitter pic, so maybe this was how he recognised me).
I had a great night and enjoyed seeing Lost Voice Guy perform with his iPad. It’s lovely to see how well he is doing and it’s great that he is also raising awareness of the use of communication aids.  I think Lost Voice Guy has a lot of courage to get up and perform on stage as he does (I know from personal experience how nerve wracking it is to communicate in front of an audience) – he does it extremely well and the audience loved him!
I’ve spent a lot of the weekend telling people that I saw Lost Voice Guy perform last week, and I am pleased at how many people have already heard of him. It has also led to some interesting conversations about communication, and comedy in general.
If you haven’t already visited his website ( I’d highly recommend it! Why not go and take a look at his brilliant blog and check out the dates for his upcoming gigs! J

Lost Voice Guy on stage at Jazz Cafe, Newcastle, 3rd May 2012

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