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Friday, 22 July 2011

From Deflation to Elation...

On 4th July I wrote to seven of Northumberland’s councillors about the Giving Voice campaign and so far haven’t had a response from any of them L I began to follow this up with telephone calls this afternoon...
I didn’t have time to contact all seven today but I made a start J councillor one didn’t answer so I left a voicemail and followed up with an email. I spoke to councillor two who said she probably received my letter but couldn’t recall. I felt like I had inconvenienced her by calling and she asked why I thought this matter was of importance to her.. I explained a bit more about the campaign and asked if we could meet to discuss it further. She told me she isn’t in a position to make any decisions at the moment (with regards to meeting me) and gave me the contact details of someone else.  I sent an email following the telephone call so I’ll see what happens with that..  I felt slightly deflated after the phone call as she was difficult to talk to... however, she did give me the contact details of someone else J
Councillor one called me back later this afternoon and we arranged an appointment to meet for next Friday at 2.30pm! Exciting times J (watch this space!) I plan to contact councillors three-seven sometime next week to follow up the letters I sent.
This afternoon I was looking at Ian Lavery’s Website and came across a piece that seems to have been written the week after I met him. (see link below) He mentions meeting me about Giving Voice :-) - He usually writes in the Ashington Extra every week but I didn’t see this piece printed (though I have been looking!)
I was pleased to see Giving Voice printed somewhere else (though I don’t know how many people read Ian Lavery’s website.)
I wrote a poem about Giving Voice/speech and language therapy today which I will share over the next few days so keep checking back!
All in all it’s been a rather good Friday in terms of Giving Voice, and I’m ready for a nice relaxing weekend!  

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