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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Sticky Situations...

A simple idea to promote Giving Voice... (you may have read about this idea on the facebook page a few days ago but I thought step by step instructions might be useful J

·         Get some small sticky labels from a stationary shop - the smallest are 65 per sheet which I find is a good size. (I paid about £8.50 for 100 sheets - so that's 6500 stickers!)
·         Ensure you ask for the Avery number so you can print the labels the correct size with ease.
·         Using the computer (in a program such as Microsoft Word) design address labels (ensuring you select the correct Avery number for the labels you bought)
·         Design the stickers using the Giving Voice logo (from website) and web address
·         If there is room put the facebook logo on too (to let people know they can find out more there!)
·         Once you are happy with your design you can click print! (I printed one first to check I was happy with my sticker design. I then made a few changes before printing the full sheet of 65.)
~ I’ve printed some Giving Voice stickers, now what should I do with them? ~
You can use them however you think but here are a few ideas of how I have been using mine:
·         Letters: Each time I post a letter I seal the envelope with a Giving Voice sticker, as well as sticking one on the front bottom left – particularly useful when writing to MP’s and councilors! (and even the posties might notice them! J)
·         Events: If you are going to an event it is good to stick them on people there! We had almost everyone at the street fair walking around wearing Giving Voice stickers (only a few people said they didn’t want one!) Also, at the university undergraduate visit days we stuck them to people walking round the subject fair (don’t forget to ask people’s permission though!)
·         Everyday: Stick one on your jacket when you are going out and about (it gets the logo noticed even more) – my mam and I were walking round Ashington town centre wearing a sticker each this afternoon!
Let’s use Giving Voice stickers in lots of situations! If you have any other ideas about how we could use Giving Voice stickers, please share them here or on the facebook page J

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