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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Giving Voice - front page of local paper!

Excited! Excited! Excited! More publicity for Giving Voice! J
My friend text me earlier to say she’d seen me in the Ashington Extra! So I was excited to hear the thud of the paper through the door earlier this evening, and even more excited to see the headline on the side of the front page! The piece mentions both the stalls I held in Ashington for Giving Voice (and fundraising for the North East Trust for Aphasia), and states that Ian Lavery, MP for Wansbeck attended to show his support!
I emailed the paper on Sunday night but hadn’t heard back so it was a lovely surprise to see that it has made it to the front page. I was disappointed that they didn’t print the website but hopefully, anyone that is interested in finding out more will search online J
There’s nothing on the Ashington Extra website at the moment (apart from the article which was published before the first stall – which does state the website) – but I will keep looking and share it if anything appears J

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